Sunday, April 22, 2007

Joost impressions

It's so obvious we're heading towards TV broadcasting online. Joost (formerly known as the Venice project) has their product in beta and the early adopters slash IT nerds are screaming to get an invitation to the next hot thing online. It's number one at Technorati and has been for some time now.

I had the privilege to try it out for a few weeks now and my first impression was the nice quality of the broadcast - compared to for instance youtube (I know, a bad comparison but everyone knows about it and in my mind it marks the start of the online TV era). Unfortunately the channels and shows are not extremely good. I mean, who really wants to watch all episodes of Guiness world record TV - and that's probably one of the better channels they have at the moment.

When they're done with beta I'm hoping for some better channels and shows. Viacom has signed with the Joost people which is very much a step in the right direction, CBS just recently signed as well. Anyway, the audio/video quality is good and the potential is definetely there. I'm already looking forward to the day I can watch my favourite show or live news from anywhere in the world!

For those of you who are interested in trying it out, keep looking for invitations around the blogosphere. I'll let you know when I have another one ready for hand-out :)